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Today was Blacksmith Day. Here’s Blacksmith Shane, picking up his tools from his truck. I like to have an early morning appointment, so that the horses can have their pedicure before heading out to pasture for the day.


All the horses here are barefoot, so a trim doesn’t take very long. The excess growth of the toe is trimmed off and the hoof is neatly reshaped. If a horse wears shoes, it’s more of a procedure. The shoes have to be removed, the foot trimmed and the shoes replaced.


The horses are restless at being kept inside in the morning. But when they see Shane, they understand what’s up and stand quite patiently when it’s their turn for the blacksmith’s attention.


It isn’t long before everyone is out to pasture, enjoying their morning hay together, their feet looked after for another 6 to 8 weeks.


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