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The first flowers to bloom in many northern gardens are the spring bulbs that were planted last fall and slept beneath the snow until warming weather woke them. I’ve had a few snowdrops and scilla bloom and now the crocuses are putting on their show.


After more than a week of unseasonably mild weather earlier in the month, the temperature has been hovering closer to the seasonal norm, with near-freezing nights. The first perennials to bloom here are the hellebores and the first flower opened this weekend. The hellebores are sometimes called Lenten Roses or Christmas Roses because of their early blooming habit. Native to Europe, they’re not related to roses at all. Hellebores have become popular in the last few years, and are now quite readily available at nurseries in various shades of pink and cream.


It was a busy weekend here at Willow House. With Fiddlegirl and her beau travelling to Nova Scotia over Easter, we enjoyed our turkey dinner a week early, and also celebrated Ponygirl’s birthday. Seabrooke made her sister this special birthday cheesecake. It was as delicious as it was cute and imaginative.

Today, with all the family departed for their own abodes, the house felt quiet after the busy weekend. However, it was bright and sunny, and the cool breeze didn’t stop me from getting out and doing a bit of weeding. Now that April is here, I’m ready to start some garden cleaning and trimming back of old growth, ready for the new growing season.


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