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New Garden Path, View 1


New Garden Path, View 2

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June Sunset

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Monarch and Blue Iris

Monarch and Blue Iris

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Today, June 4th, is Black Out Speak Out day. In the face of an overwhelming and unprecedented attack by the Harper Regime, Canada’s not-for-profit environmental community has come together to protest Bill C-38.


Bill C-38 will weaken existing environmental protection and silence the voices of Canadians who seek to defend nature. Under the proposed bill, Ottawa will use its power to promote the interests of oil and other major industries instead of taking care of Canada’s environment, wildlife and people. We elect officials to represent the best interests of citizens, not just today’s citizens, but those of the next generation of Canadians. Instead, the Harper regime is selling our environment to the highest bidder and intentionally crippling and muffling Environment Canada and scientific researchers.

Meanwhile, the bill provides $8 million in new funding to audit and possibly defund charities, including groups that advocate for better environmental laws.


Many Canadians like to think that if they show up and vote once every four years or so, their half hour of effort will be enough to ensure the democratic well-being of the country. It’s possible that half an hour, every four years, is insufficient. It could be that democracy requires a bit more effort. It could be that every once in a while, issues require that you stand up and be counted. It could be that, in the face of historic threats to democracy, the environment, and the very future of Canada, silence is not an option. Visit BlackOutSpeakOut.ca and sign the petition. Become informed. Speak out.

Black Out Speak Out

Project Democracy



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Oriental Poppy ‘Carneum’

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