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First Ice 2012


What a beautiful morning. It didn’t feel very cold when I went out to feed the horses, but I noticed that the puddle of water in the bird bath had frozen solid.


I had to stop to admire the plumes of the giant miscanthus (Miscanthus giganteus), sparkling in the sun, as I walked through the garden and down to the barn.


Yes, the horses’ water tub had a thin layer of ice, too. This is bad news. It’s more of a nuisance to keep water on hand for them once things start freezing.


The tall grasses appeared frost-free, but the little plants hidden in their shade were decorated with crystals. The true test for first ice would be the pond. If there was ice on the big pond, then it was officially the first ice day of the season.


Sure enough, when I reached the pond perimeter, there it was, glistening across the surface, ice. I was surprised at the extent of the coverage, not just a crisp border edging the pond, but a broad sheet.


No wonder they’re playing Christmas carols in the stores. Winter is on its way.


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