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Across the day, Tonka and Capone go about their feline business in a solitary feline way. But when it’s time for a catnap, they’re often to be found curled up together. Capone is the instigator of this togetherness. He seeks out Tonka, and squeezes himself into whatever space Tonka has left to him. Tonka, for his part, is content to let Capone join him. Best friends forever.

In a household of independent cats, these two stand out as good buddies. What draws them together? The dynamics of animal relationships are inscrutable to we mere humans.


More puzzling is the relationship between Momcat and Mikey. Mikey, litter mate to Arthur, is one of Momcat’s three offspring who live with us. In spite of having lived in our house for four years, Momcat remains wild at heart. She allows no human hand to touch her, and spends her days alone, often hidden under the bed or some other place where she feels safe. She keeps herself to herself. Except when it comes to Mikey.

Momcat loves Mikey. There’s no other way of understanding it. When Mikey returns from an outing, Momcat rushes to greet him. She follows him around the house, and eats when Mikey eats. Mikey accepts her attention, but doesn’t seek out his mom in the dedicated way that she sticks with him. Funnily enough, although they often lie in close proximity, they rarely curl up together. Here’s Momcat, perched on the chair arm, as Mikey sprawls on the seat. Watching over her beloved son.


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