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Here’s my little gang, standing at the barn door, waiting for me to let them in for their supper. In summer, they stay outside day and night, but in winter, they enjoy the night in their comfortable stalls where they are protected from the worst winter has to offer.

Usually, when I go out to the barn to let them in as dusk falls, they are waiting for me at the door. Some nights, though, they are hanging out down the field, and I have to go fetch them. When that happens, I catch the leader of the pack and the others follow us back to the barn. Who do you think I catch?


Not Czarina. Although she is senior mare, she has not mellowed in old age. She is crotchety and defiant and not a leader of horses.


Not Diva. As junior mare, she is cowed by Czarina’s aggressive behaviour and hangs back when Czarina is about.


Not Teddy. Although Teddy loves his supper ration and is anxious to eat, he is young and frisky and not inclined to be led.

That just leaves Louis. That’s right, little Louis is the Boss. When I go out to bring the herd in, I loop my arm over Louis’s neck and he comes along sweetly. The others quickly fall into line, first Louis’s pal Teddy, and then Czarina and finally Diva, bringing up the rear. They all follow Louis’s lead and march quietly into their own stalls for supper.


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