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It’s not unusual to see flocks of wild turkeys foraging in snow-covered fields across the winter. When I spotted a flock this morning, it was clear that spring fever had struck the gobblers. Love is in the air! Look at the size of that fellow! Look at the beautiful colours of his face! Romance is on his mind.


A male turkey, strutting his stuff is an impressive sight. At least, I thought so. The female members of the flock scarcely spared him a glance as they carried on with the important task of finding breakfast. I’m sure they’ll come around. Who could resist?


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Migrating Canada geese are moving through our area as they head north. At night, flocks assemble in the corn field to our west, and forage for food. At a casual glance, you’d never guess the field is playing host to thousands of birds. Their brown and black and white coloration allows them to disappear against the soil and snow.


Unlike park residents, these geese are wary. The sight of me walking along the road causes them to retreat up the field. If I stop to watch, the closest geese take wing. Their alarm spreads like a wave through the flock and soon every goose is taking flight. The sound of their thousands of wings beating the air is a rumbling thunder. They swirl into the sky and begin to assemble into their iconic Vs as they prepare to move on.


The flocks of Canada geese sometimes include a few Snow geese pairs. They are easily identified by their white wings tipped in black. Yesterday, I noticed a large drift of unmelted snow along the far edge of a field, and quickly realized the drift was not snow, but geese. The white birds are more conspicuous than their Canada geese cousins. For more on Snow geese, visit Snow Geese Heading North, linked here.


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