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Sunday Snapshot: Tulips



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We have experienced some extremely cold temperatures this winter, but the garden has been well protected by a deep blanket of snow. There is so much snow that many of the seedheads that would otherwise be adding some decoration to the yard have long since been beaten down and buried, with only the strongest stems still erect. I took a yardstick out and measured the blanket to be about 28 inches deep on level, undrifted ground.


I know a number of persons of my generation who eschew Facebook, seeing it as too invasive, too…well, I don’t really know. While I don’t have anything like the number of “friends” my offspring can brag of, I do enjoy an interesting array of brief posts that flash by my page daily, sourced from I know not where. One that came my way this winter was a quote from the thirteenth-century Persian poet Rumi, presumably taken from The Soul Of Rumi: A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems as translated by Coleman Barks.

And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.

How perfect is that? Now, whenever I pass by the garden I think of the riotous roots, preparing for spring.


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Snowy River

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Snow Dog


It’s been a snowy winter. RailGuy and Pookie the corgi are dedicated walkers, but the deep snow has limited their trail choices. Today, the weather was mild and calm and we decided to take Pookie out for a walk along the St. Lawrence River, where trails had been cleared through the park. We all enjoyed the change of scenery.


With her thick coat, Pookie is rarely put off by cold temperatures and even loves a romp in the snow.


While we stuck to the trails, Pookie had fun burrowing and rolling in the frosty, fluffy flakes.


It’s nice to see one of us is still enjoying winter! The rest of us are ready for spring.


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Sunday Snapshot: Little Sundog


Little Sundog

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Mourning Dove

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