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Spring Peeper

Spring Peeper

Spring Peeper

Spring Peeper

Would you guess that this tiny frog makes a huge noise? Once the Wood frogs and Chorus frogs have sung the first verse of the spring song, the Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) and American Toads (Bufo americanus) take over. I strolled down to our wet spot behind the barn the other evening to make this recording of peeps and trills. The peeps are the song, of course, of the Spring Peepers, while the extended trills are American Toads.

Beautiful, an annual miracle. Near the end of the recording, you can hear a flock of Canada Geese passing overhead. At the beginning and end of the recording are a few notes of birdsong. Seabrooke, with her more attuned ear, informs me that the former is a Song Sparrow, and the latter is a Common Yellowthroat. Thanks to Seabrooke for the photos of Peepers and Toads.

For more on Spring Peepers, follow this link to Seabrooke’s post This ones for my peeps.

For more on American Toads, follow this link to Warts and all.


American Toad

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Once frost kills the grass in the autumn and snow arrives, the horses aren’t interested in wandering from their home paddock. The gates to the larger fields are closed, and not reopened until the fields have a chance to dry out and grass begins to grow. Lately, Czarina and the donkeys have been standing longingly by the gate, and I opened up one of the fields for them this week. At the time, the donkeys were busy observing RailGuy as he tidied up around a bird house.


Czarina noticed the open gate right away. She went and stood just inside the field and looked back for her donkeys. “Guys! What’s keeping you? Come on!”


Soon the donkeys caught up with her and the grand celebratory gallop began.


They took off through the little copse of trees and charged into the open field.


They galloped to! They galloped fro!


Round and round they go!


Finally, satisfied that they had expressed their joie de vivre, their celebration of spring, they settled down to taste the new grass. Delicious!


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