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Jungle Cat


Here’s Momcat hiding out in the hostas. Can you see her?

Momcat is our semi-feral cat. She was dumped off at the roadside, about 8 years ago, with a litter of kittens, and over a couple of months, she made her way to our barn with her family. She settled in, and over the next couple of years, she raised umpteen more litters of kittens before we were finally able to catch her and get her in to the vet’s, ending her kitten dynasty. Although she was an excellent mother, I’m sure no one was more relieved than she was over her retirement from kitten rearing.

She never became tame. We’re not allowed to touch her. But she graciously accepts our hospitality, living close to the house all summer, and when the snow flies, retiring to the basement till spring.

Now, no one can relax like a cat. But Momcat emanates something more, a deep contentment with life, the satisfaction, perhaps, of one who took on a tough task and did it well. Now she enjoys life every day.


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