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On June 19th, I wrote about several garden plants that were very late in emerging from their winter hiatus. The post, Lost—and Found, is linked here. One of those plants was Roscoea purpurea, which I added to the garden last August. That’s R. purpurea above, as its new shoots began to grow in June.


Now, a couple of months on, R. purpurea is flowering, and I thought I would share these photos of its interesting, iris-like blooms, or perhaps they’re more like little orchids. The following is information about R. purpurea from that earlier post, and a few flower shots.

Roscoeas are members of the Zingiberales, the order to which the gingers belong. Species of Roscoea are divided into two groups, a Himalayan clade and a Chinese clade. Roscoea purpurea is native to the Himalayas, and in particular Nepal. Roscoea purpurea was named by the English botanist James Edward Smith in 1806, in honour of his friend William Roscoe, the founder of the Liverpool Botanic Garden.





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