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The red-winged blackbirds are back! Finally. I’ve been waiting and watching and waiting, and last Friday I was finally rewarded when the distictive ‘oak-a-lee’ call reached my ears.

The blackbirds are late this year. I thought the 15th was late last year but it was still nearly a week earlier than this year’s date.

2015: March 21st
2014: March 15th
2013: March 10th
2012: March 3rd
2011: March 10th
2010: March 10th
2009: March 7th

Our long, cold, snowy winter has been holding on, holding on. We had a few teaser days a week ago, when the temperature rose above freezing, but there is still plenty of snow on the ground. Still, the sun gains strength every day, and the snow is slowly melting away, even as a cold wind makes us keep our coats buttoned up tight. Winter can’t hold on forever. Today I saw my first robin!


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