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Here is Splash, our favorite adopted ex-stray cat, wearing his hoodie a few weeks ago. While he was living rough, Splash suffered from chronic eye infections that had left his eyelids swollen. As a result, his lashes curled under and scratched his eyes, causing a constant weeping discharge. The vet said that the only cure was an operation to lift the lashes away from his eyes. Splash underwent the surgery at the end of May and had to wear a collar to protect his eyes from his scratching until the stitches had a chance to heal. He was not happy about this.


Here he is after the stitches were removed, 11 days after the surgery. It took another little while for the incisions to totally disappear, but it was obvious that the surgery had been a success. His eyes looked clear and bright. Once the collar was removed, Splash set to work diligently cleaning himself, now that he could once again reach his tongue.


Now he looks like a new cat. No more weeping eyes! And he is as much of a sweetheart as ever.


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