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Red-wings Return, 2017.


We are in the midst of an unseasonable warm spell. There have been robins in the area, probably over-winterers, and flocks of Canada geese have been flying over, headed north. Today, as I sat by the window reading a book, I glanced out and there was a treetop full of red-winged blackbirds! So that’s it, it is officially spring. Here are arrival dates for Red-wings at Willow House over the past few years.

2016: March 6th
2015: March 21st
2014: March 15th
2013: March 10th
2012: March 3rd
2011: March 10th
2010: March 10th
2009: March 7th

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Goose Walk

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Hollyhock flower

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Great Blue Heron


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The first Great Blue Heron to return to our stretch of river this spring arrived yesterday. Happy hunting!

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Canada geese and Snow geese

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Outside My Door

Just days after I spotted the first returning red-wing blackbirds, they have been joined by a host of others. The chattering of a large flock of birds greets our ears any time we open the front door, as the birds give voice to a new spring season.

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