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The first day that the horses were in their new stalls was very upsetting for them. They find changes in routine a little frightening. Well, don’t we all? However, Mousie will appreciate coming in from the cold once she gets used to the new plan. Poor Mousie feels the cold like no other horse I’ve ever known. She also loves to take advantage of the secure feeling she has in her own stall to lie down at night. Horses, especially older horses, usually sleep standing up, but Mousie has always enjoyed being able to “rest her feet”. She only occasionally feels comfortable with lying down outside in her field, so I’m sure she will be happy with her stall.

Czarina, on the other hand, is a strong and tough individual with a determined attitude to match. Her motto could be “Don’t fence me in!” When I let everyone out in their field after their first night indoors, she was crazy happy to be back outside. Perhaps she thought I was going to keep her trapped inside forever.

Usually it is Mousie who takes the lead, but on this morning it was Czarina who showed the way, galloping and cavorting…

flinging up her heels with joy…

wheeling and romping, and then, once her sillies were bucked out, she had a good roll, scratching the itch of civilization off her back.

For the first couple of nights, I had to walk out into the field and lead the horses back to the new barn. However, once they realized that tomorrow they would be back outside, they seemed to make up their minds that a night inside was a good idea after all. On Saturday night, when “bedtime” arrived, I went to the barn door and there they were, waiting to come in for the night. First in line? Czarina!

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Happy Days


The horses have enjoyed their new pasture tremendously. It’s amazing how much grass a couple of horses (and a donkey) can eat in a few weeks though, and the north pasture is already showing the effects of their grazing. On Tuesday, the fencing for a west pasture was completed, so now the horses have a fresh bounty of green to enjoy. Louis was the first into the new pasture, leading the way as usual. It wasn’t quite as exciting an experience, apparently, as the first new field, and he quickly settled down to grazing.


Soon Czarina and Mousie followed him and tested the new grass. After a sampling, they indulged in a bit of a romp to celebrate the new field.


Both pastures link to a central paddock so that the horses can be easily routed to one field or the other. The girls tested the link back to their little paddock and trotted around the paddock a couple of times, just to check that all was as it should be. Here’s Mousie, strutting her stuff.


Louis watched with interest, but he wasn’t leaving the new field.


Soon the girls rejoined Louis in the new field and everyone settled down to enjoy the long grass together.


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Out to Pasture


After being penned in their paddock all winter, the horses and donkey were at last able to sample the luscious green grass that has been shooting up all spring. A new pasture was finally fenced and waiting for them. First into the new field was Louis the donkey. I led him through the gate and he quickly set to taste-testing the wonderful field greens. Upon seeing their little companion disappearing through the new gate, the horses quickly followed. First Mousie…


and then with great excitement, Czarina.


The trio made a circuit of the fence to check out their new limits and then set to grazing. But Louis just couldn’t contain his joy!


He took off at a gallop, and soon the big girls couldn’t resist joining in. Look at that little guy motor!


After a good gallop, everyone got back to what’s important.


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