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Our three daughters and their partners were all able to attend our Thanksgiving weekend get-together this year and we enjoyed their company from Friday night through Sunday. Here we are, assembled for a group portrait on Saturday afternoon. We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and rutabaga, with pumpkin and grape pies for dessert. It has been a perfect fall weekend, with brisk, bright, sunny weather to set off the pleasure of spending time together.


Once all our visitors headed for home on Sunday afternoon, the house felt quiet and empty. We decided to take Pookie the corgi for a walk at Baxter Conservation Area to top off the weekend and soak up some more sun on this perfect fall day.


Baxter Conservation Area is located along the Rideau River, just north and east of the town of Kemptville, Ontario. The 68 hectare site offers five kilometers of trails through forest and wetland and peaceful views of the Rideau River.


It was a lovely spot to appreciate the last of the autumn leaves, now past their height and beginning to fall from the trees, but still colourful.


A boardwalk and elevated lookout viewing stand allow a closeup look at the marsh and wetlands.


The park was quiet, with just a few late-flying meadowhawk dragonflies to be seen. The walk was a perfect a way to wind down from a busy weekend, for both us and the dog! I hope you have been enjoying a pleasant Thanksgiving or Columbus day weekend too.


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Saturday was a moody day, with banks of threatening clouds moving in to obscure the sun before scudding benignly away. Near the end of the day, the sun won out, and lit the early evening sky, setting the treetops ablaze.


I thought the dry summer we experienced might have had a negative impact on the fall leaf display, but that hasn’t been the case. The trees have been beautiful.


Summer has truly been going out in a blaze of glory, one last gift from Gaia before the snow flies and we settle into the monochromatic landscape of winter.


Here is a gallery of photographs taken Saturday evening. It features the trees around the house alight with the fires of autumn.







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