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A Wren Story


I have a few birdhouses placed around the garden to encourage would-be parents to raise their family in my yard. House wrens are the most common residents, although chickadees also use the boxes periodically. I love the little wrens. They are very vociferous, with a busy song that belies their small size. I usually look for sturdy nest boxes, with good ventilation and easy access for cleaning, but sometimes a more whimsical bird house tempts me. I bought this feline-faced box at a local craft store a couple of years ago.


It was spurned by all comers last year, and I was pleased when a pair of wrens took up residence this spring. The insistent peeping now rising from the house is evidence of a successful brooding season and the two parents are busy keeping their nestlings fed. Here’s one parent, giving me the evil eye, before dropping off her/his offering to the chicks.




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