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Shall I? Shan't I?

The pond featured in an earlier entry, Down by the Pond was manmade, originally dug to provide water for irrigation. It has gradually naturalized and now hosts a range of animal and plant life. You don’t have to turn your yard into a pond to attract wildlife, however. Even a bird bath will be appreciated!

Pictured above is a Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina), checking out the facilities. Chipping Sparrows are named for their chipping call note. They are common summer residents across Ontario. They favour open, grassy areas bordered by woodlands or thickets, including parks and gardens. The Chipping Sparrow was once referred to as the ‘hairbird’ from its practice of lining its nest with horse hair. With the decline of the horse in many neighbourhoods, the trait and the name have disappeared. However, around my house, horse hair is still available and it isn’t uncommon to find a Chipping Sparrow’s cup-like nest in the fall, once the trees lose their leaves, neatly lined with Mousie’s silver or Czarina’s chestnut tail hairs.


I will!

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