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Later Alligtor (Reed 1997)

Later Alligator (Reed 1997)

The daylily season is heating up as each day brings a few more new faces and clumps begin to bloom in full splendor.

Rainbow Eyes

Mystical Rainbow (Stamile 1988)

Electric Man

Electric Man (Culver 2007)

Elegant Candy

Elegant Candy (Stamile 1995) with hollyhock

Dallas Star

Dallas Star (Ferris 1976)

Pink Super Spider

Pink Super Spider (Carpenter 1982)

Anne Evan

Anne-Evan (Yancey 1985)

Willow Wind (Bryant 1987)

Willow Wind (Bryant 1987)

Born Yesterday (Lambert 1972)

Born Yesterday (Lambert 1972)

Chesapeake Crablegs (Reed 1994)

Chesapeake Crablegs (Reed 1994)

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August Morn July 2/ 12

August Morn

The most anticipated event in the summer garden is the daylily season. A few plants have been opening flowers for the last week or so, but the main show has just begun this week. There are plenty of flower scapes and buds and it should be a good year for daylilies. Here are a baker’s dozen of the first flowers to bloom. Hold Your Horses was new to the garden this spring and has already produced several scapes, boding well for its future contribution to the annual display.

Railguy and I are taking a few days of vacation to travel into New York state with the goal of visiting a few gardens south of the border. Be back on the weekend!

Blonde is Beautiful July 2/ 12

Blonde is Beautiful

Borm Yesterday July 1/ 12

Born Yesterday

Chesapeake Crablegs July 2/ 12

Chesapeake Crablegs

Coyote Moon July 2/ 12

Coyote Moon

Helter Skelter July 2/ 12

Helter Skelter

Hold Your Horses July 1/ 12

Hold Your Horses

Hurricane Sky July 1/ 12

Hurricane Sky

Longstocking July 2/ 12


Pixie Parasol July 2/ 12

Pixie Parasol

Prince Redbird July 2/ 12

Prince Redbird

Slow Burn July 1/ 12

Slow Burn

Suzy Wong July 1/ 12

Suzy Wong

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