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Sunday Snapshot: Stair Sitter


Stair Sitter


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Here’s our dog Pookie, chilling on the porch on a hot summer afternoon. Being a corgi, she’s built close to the ground, and is only about a foot tall. She’s not what you would call a little dog, not like a teacup yorkie or a handbag chihuahua. She has a sturdy round big dog body. It’s just that it’s mounted on very short legs. When it comes to snoozing, those short legs are a real advantage. She can lie on her back quite comfortably without her legs dangling awkwardly in the air. And she often does.


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RailGuy is an Early-to-bed-Early-to-Rise kind of guy. As the evening hour enters into double digits, he starts to nod off and is ready to retire. I, on the other hand, am more of a night owl. I enjoy the stillness of the house late at night when the day is done. I often sit up and read far later than is sensible.

I don’t sit alone. As soon as RailGuy relinquishes his chair, it is taken over by the cats. That’s Tonka on the left, with his dear friend and companion Capone nestled in beside him. Arthur holds down the chairback position. Pookie the corgi curls into the chair to the right. She keeps an eye out for any sign that I might be getting up and heading for bed, the moment when she receives her midnight treat.


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