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Spring is bustin’ out all over. Indeed, we are less than a week away from the vernal equinox, which in the northern hemisphere occurs at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013. The days are longer, the migratory birds are streaming in, the snow is melting back, there is mud everywhere. Still, it might be premature to write off Winter. We often experience a snowstorm or two in March before Winter hands over the reins to Spring.


This winter was notable for the extremes of weather we experienced. Bitterly cold days were followed by record-setting mild spells. Heavy snowfalls were followed by disconcerting melts. And when it snowed, it didn’t let up. It snowed and snowed, and during periods when the temperature was mild, the snow was heavy and wet.


We spent some tiring hours raking snow off the greenhouse-barn cover to reduce the heavy load, and our buildings survived the winter unscathed. Some residents across our region weren’t so lucky. A number of large structures succumbed to the weight of the snow, collapsing under the load.


There were plenty of days that discouraged venturing outdoors, when we could sit, guilt-free by the fire, enjoying a good book. Other household members also enjoyed these fireside hours. Now, we’re all looking forward to a new season of renewal.


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