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‘Black Sea Man’ is the second variety of tomato in my garden to ripen this year. It is a Russian entry, classed as a black determinate. I was a little disappointed with the colour. I was expecting it to be a little darker. It is advertised as deep red-black with dark olive shoulders, but mine look more like red tomatoes with a bit of a dark blush to them. When sliced, they display a greenish outside ring with a red centre and do add a bit of variety to a mixed plate of tomatoes.

As a determinate, ‘Black Sea Man’ is a compact plant, and doesn’t have the long, sprawling vines that can be difficult to stake or otherwise control. It is recommended for patio plantings or small gardens. The fruits are a nice size, on the large side of medium. The flesh is firm and meaty, and it slices nicely, making it a good choice for sandwiches.

As to the all-important matter of taste, ‘Black Sea Man’ has a pleasing, mild flavour. I prefer a bit more tartness, but that’s a personal preference, and RailGuy pronounced his sampling delicious. All in all, ‘Black Sea Man’ is a satisfactory tomato, but I think I will try a different black variety next year.


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