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The weather was beautiful this morning, and I decided to take a little stroll through the horses’ field to see what is blooming. The horses were busy with their usual morning activity, standing in their shelter. But donkeys are a curious lot, and Teddy is a very curious donkey. He left his buddies and followed me out into the field, interested in seeing what I was up to. And of course, where there are humans, there may be carrots, you never know.

With Teddy leading the way, the others soon followed. Here they are as seen through Teddy’s ears. Did you ever in your life see a more beautiful set of ears?


The horses do most of their grazing at night, when the heat of the day is past and the hordes of biting insects that plague them are diminished. They spend much of their day in their shelter, staying out of the sun and avoiding the bugs to the extent that that is possible.

Diva’s not so curious as a donkey, but she is a friendly, companionable horse, and was happy to accompany us. But where is Czarina?


Czarina had no interest in my activities. She was for returning to the shelter, but she just couldn’t bring herself to leave her friends. Horses have strong herd instincts and only a few can bear to be left behind when the herd moves on, no matter how much they’d rather not go.


The meadow is dominated through August by goldenrod and Joe Pye weed, but now those are giving way to the white flower clusters of boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum). You can read more about boneset here.


The boneset comes up to Diva’s belly but it nearly hides Louis. On more than one occasion, I haven’t been able to locate the donkey boys and have had a minute of panic, wondering if they have escaped, before one raises his head and a pair of long ears appear above the plants.


After a while, everyone lost interest in my walk and left me to carry on alone.


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