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Since Finnegan joined our animal menagerie last autumn, he has been gently training in basic dressage. Our smart boy has been doing well, and a week ago he made his debut in the show ring with Ponygirl in the saddle.


In dressage competitions, each horse and rider team enters the ring alone and they must follow a prescribed pattern according to their level of training. Each movement is assigned a mark by the judge to compile a total score for their performance.


We were so pleased with Finnegan, who delighted us with his calm demeanor and honest performance as he tried his very best to meet his rider’s requests.


Our little prince has lots to learn, but he has already won our hearts.


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This autumn, we welcomed a four-legged addition to the family. What a beauty he is! Meet Finnegan, a 4 1/2-year-old arabian-thoroughbred cross (anglo-arab).


Finnegan has a very sweet personality, and takes all that comes his way in stride. He is calm and intelligent.


He is currently living at a local stable so that we can take advantage of an indoor arena and training over the winter.


Finnegan has a good start at basic work under saddle. My daughter Ponygirl and I are beginning work at building his dressage foundation. Above, Ponygirl rides with visiting Clinic guest coach Jade Deter.


We don’t know much about Finnegan’s background. We purchased him from a foster home after he had been rescued from an auction frequented by meat buyers. How he came to be in such dire circumstances is a mystery. He is a bit underweight for his size and age, and we expect him to do some filling out over the next year.


A lucky star must have guided him to us and a chance at a new life.


We look forward to many happy years with our new boy.


Here I am in the saddle, above, and Finnegan with Ponygirl, below.


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