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I just took down my Christmas tree this week. I know, I know, Martha had her tree down on January 2nd. It’s right there on her January calendar in the Living magazine my aunt passes along to me. Monday 2nd: Take down Christmas Tree. But no one is ever likely to confuse me with Martha Stewart. We thoroughly enjoyed this year’s tree, standing straight and slim, neatly fitted into a corner of the room, brightening the winter evenings with its cheerful display of lights. But even I felt it was time to move on now that we are past the half way mark of January.


I packed away the decorations and moved the tree outside where it can offer up its branches as perches for the birds. I suppose I could call it my Solstice tree, as I am more Gaian than Christian these days. The Christmas holidays hark back to pagan celebrations of the winter solstice in December.

We thought we would miss the little lights twinkling in the corner, so after Christmas I picked up three boxes of clear lights. They had been marked down to 94 cents in the January sales. Railguy brought me in a few branches and I strung the lights over them yesterday. As the sun set and daylight faded, I plugged in the branch lights and was quite pleased with the effect.


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