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The Leeds County Draft Horse Club was formed in 1986. The club welcomes all types of draft animals, from traditional horse breeds such as Belgians, Clydesdales and Percherons, heritage breeds such as Canadians, Shires and Suffolk Punches, or more recent arrivals to North America, such as Fjords, and Halflingers. Even mules and oxen have participated in Club events. Its mission is to promote the proper care and use of draft horses, whether it be for agricultural or recreational endeavours. Its motto is: Sharing a Wealth of Experience. That experience was on display at the club’s spring field day on Saturday, May 23rd.


Ken and Tiny pulling a walking plow.

Ken and Tiny pulling a single furrow walking plow.

Single furrow seated plow

Single furrow seated plow

Drawing logs

Log skidding



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