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New Garden Path, View 1


New Garden Path, View 2

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Down the Garden Path

During the dog days of summer, when temperatures soared and humidity was sky high, I took a break from garden work. However, there comes a time when the gardener must return once more into the breach and take up arms against the weeds. In particular, I had roughed in a path through a section of the garden with a view to finishing it with gravel.

In the end, I decided just to lay down wood shavings, at least for this year. I have used shavings in the past and have found this approach is quite effective in keeping down weeds. The shavings soon pack down and form a well-compacted, natural-looking surface.

I dug out the crop of weeds that had taken over the dirt path and layed down the shavings. The opposite side of the yard has a rough former-border-gone-wild waiting for a similar treatment.

Meanwhile, I laid out a new bed and began removing sod with an eye toward having it ready to plant next spring. One of the great things about gardening is the way it extends your life. Every hour working out in the hot sun feels like five! But the results are very satisfying.

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