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Virginia Ctenucha (Ctenucha virginica)

Virginia Ctenucha (Ctenucha virginica)

In past summers, the aruncus plant has been a magnet for day-flying Virginia Ctenucha moths. The aruncus is just coming into bloom here now, and so far I haven’t seen any Ctenuchas visiting it. However, a few evenings ago, I found this one on the bedroom wall. Ctenuchas are attractive, butterfly-like moths, with iridescent turquoise-blue bodies set off by an orange head.

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Pictured below is Aruncus dioicus, commonly called Goatsbeard, a North American native. It has the appearance of a giant astilbe. It grows to about 4 feet tall and blooms in late spring or early summer, showing off feathery plumes of creamy-white flowers.


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