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great tiger

When I was out walking near the woods last weekend, I spotted this caterpillar, hurrying along. He (she?) was moving quickly and with purpose, in spite of the rough terrain. It’s a caterpillar of the Great Tiger Moth (Arctia caja). Its larval food plants include a variety of deciduous trees including alder, cherry, poplar and willow.

This little traveller will be handsomely clad in a chocolate and white patterned cloak in his next life. Here’s a photo of an adult that was posted on Flickr by rhonddawildlifediary.

2057 Garden Tiger (Arctia caja)

Pretty, no? But wait! That’s not all. When those handsome forewings are opened up they reveal amazing hindwings of brilliant, party-dress orange. Woot! What a stunner.

2057 Garden Tiger (Arctia caja)

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