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Mata Hari

Mati Hari (Brooks 1981)

Here’s a selection of daylilies blooming today.

Hold Your Horses

Hold Your Horses (Trimmer 2004)

Bill Norris

Bill Norris (Kirchhoff 1993)

Big Smile

Big Smile (Apps 1999)

Brookwood Lee Causey

Brookwood Lee Causey (Sharp 1998)

Earth Angel

Earth Angel (Stamile 1987)

Northern Fancy

Northern Fancy (Stamile 2002)

Moonlight Orchid

Moonlight Orchid (Talbott 1986)

Galena Gilt Edge

Galena Gilt Edge (Blocher)

Inky Fingers

Inky Fingers (Stamile 2000)

Handsome Prince

Handsome Prince (Couturier 1993)

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Blonde is Beautiful

Blonde is Beautiful (Harris Benz 1985)

Here are the latest daylilies that are just beginning to bloom. The name of the daylily is shown beneath each photograph, along with the breeder who hybridized the plant and the date it was registered or introduced.

Flaming Wildflower

Flaming Wildfire (Rasmussen 1996)

Smugglers Dream

Smuggler's Dream (Branch 1994)


Longstocking (Stamile 1997)

Handsome Prince

Handsome Prince (Courtourier 1993)

Custard Candy

Custard Candy (Stamile 1989)

Beautiful Edgings

Beautiful Edgings (Copenhaver 1989)

Starman's Quest

Starman's Quest (Burkey 1989)


Cameroons (Munson 1984)

Choo Choo Fantasy

Choo Choo Fantasy (Pickles 1995)

Karen's Curls

Karen's Curls (Reinke 1997)

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Doug's Red Mercedes

Here are some of the new faces that were shining in the daylily beds this week.

Alpha Centauri

Beautiful Edgings

Chesapeake Crablegs

Dallas Star

Dragon Dreams

Elegant Candy

Femme de Joie

Gadsden Greensleeves

Handsome Prince


Rosella Sheridan

Scarlet Poppy

Starman's Quest

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