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The first day that the horses were in their new stalls was very upsetting for them. They find changes in routine a little frightening. Well, don’t we all? However, Mousie will appreciate coming in from the cold once she gets used to the new plan. Poor Mousie feels the cold like no other horse I’ve ever known. She also loves to take advantage of the secure feeling she has in her own stall to lie down at night. Horses, especially older horses, usually sleep standing up, but Mousie has always enjoyed being able to “rest her feet”. She only occasionally feels comfortable with lying down outside in her field, so I’m sure she will be happy with her stall.

Czarina, on the other hand, is a strong and tough individual with a determined attitude to match. Her motto could be “Don’t fence me in!” When I let everyone out in their field after their first night indoors, she was crazy happy to be back outside. Perhaps she thought I was going to keep her trapped inside forever.

Usually it is Mousie who takes the lead, but on this morning it was Czarina who showed the way, galloping and cavorting…

flinging up her heels with joy…

wheeling and romping, and then, once her sillies were bucked out, she had a good roll, scratching the itch of civilization off her back.

For the first couple of nights, I had to walk out into the field and lead the horses back to the new barn. However, once they realized that tomorrow they would be back outside, they seemed to make up their minds that a night inside was a good idea after all. On Saturday night, when “bedtime” arrived, I went to the barn door and there they were, waiting to come in for the night. First in line? Czarina!

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