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We’ve had a few frosty nights recently, so this weekend RailGuy harvested most of the produce remaining in the vegetable garden. The first heavy frost is like the Great Reveal, when all the assorted squash, hidden beneath big vine leaves just the day before, are suddenly laid bare.


We have a weird and wonderful assortment, as the squash tend to hybridize and produce some odd-looking individuals. I already gave the largest pumpkin away at Thanksgiving to Ponygirl. She lives in suburbia, and the pumpkin’s substantial girth will be better appreciated by hoards of Trick-or-Treaters there. We still have a couple of smaller pumpkins, some sizeable Hubbard squash and many assorted smaller cucurbits.


Our celery did remarkably well this year, perhaps helped along by our rainy summer that provided lots of moisture. We’ve been harvesting stalks from the outside edge as needed for weeks now. I was surprised at how well the cabbage did. Earlier in the season, the cabbage leaves were riddled with holes from insect attacks. However, they not only survived, but went on to produce good heads of cabbage.


While gardening on the rocky ground of the Escarpment in the GTA, I got used to seeing twisted, forked carrots. These carrots are amazing! Aren’t they beautiful? The celeriac also did pretty well. Not quite sure what I’ll do with these; I’ve never used celeriac much. This will require a bit of gastronomic research.


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With more rainy weather in the forecast, I decided to harvest my squash crop yesterday. Today is a miserable, drizzly day, so it’s just as well I gathered in the squash.


I grew these squash from seedlings that I purchased at the local nursery in the spring. The vines spent the summer gambolling about the tomato plants, in and out and over. Just on a whim, I purchased some small decorative gourds and these little rascals outperformed all the other vines. They were everywhere! I got a good crop of wee gourds, but apart from Thanksgiving Day table decorations, I’m not sure what to do with them.


There’s a good sampling of vegetable spaghetti squash and acorn squash, but certainly the stars of the crop are the two mammoth hubbard squash. I’ve never grown hubbard squash before and I was quite enchanted with them when I discovered these two blue giants hidden under squash leaves.


I set the larger hubbard on my bathroom scale and it weighed in at 13 pounds. Ha! Fiddlegirl suggested that I bake the pair and then freeze the cooked squash for future use in appropriately sized portions. In the meantime, I’ve just been enjoying their considerable presence and was inspired to capture them for posterity. Here they are, three shots of hubbard squash as still life.




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