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Last weekend, we celebrated two birthdays. My eldest and youngest daughters were born four years less two days apart, so we had a joint celebration for the birthday girls. In the photos above are Seabrooke and Fiddlegirl blowing out their birthday cake candles. And of course, it was also Mother’s Day. It was wonderful to have the family together for the weekend. We had a delicious dinner, complete with fiddleheads from the farmer’s market. For dessert, Seabrooke made chocolate cupcakes, decorated as little gardens with marshmallow flowers.

Leading up to the weekend, the weather had been cool and rainy, but it cleared up for Saturday and Sunday, and Ponygirl took Ivory out for a ride. Seabrooke and Fiddlegirl both rode as youngsters, but haven’t been riding in quite a while. They enjoyed an opportunity to get back in the saddle and each had a turn on Ivory too.


The pleasant weekend weather continued into the week, and I spent each day getting as much gardening done as I could find the energy for. We have had a cool, wet spring, and consequently my gardening is well behind where I might usually be at this time of year. The weeds have had a good head start. Not fair! Friday was the last sunny day, and yesterday the cool, rainy weather returned. Today, the rain continues to fall and more of the same is in the forecast for the upcoming week. On the bright side, the garden has been coming along beautifully and there is much to enjoy, so long as you don’t mind doing so in the rain!


Euphorbia polychroma (Cushion Spurge)

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We Win Ribbons


On Saturday, Ivory and I participated in a Fun Day at her new stable. The event, as the name suggests, was a fun get-together for horses and riders to mark the end of the summer riding season. Ivory has never had experience in an indoor arena, nor with riding with other horses, or even ring work, so Ponygirl and I were delighted when she won two ribbons. Her behaviour was outstanding for a youngster. She won third prize in the ‘command’ class. Horses and riders had to walk and trot and stop at the judges command. Ivory’s extraordinary patience set her in good stead as she stood calmly while others fidgeted and fussed and were eliminated. Her fourth place was a lucky turn at musical chairs. Actually, musical socks. Instead of chairs, which are challenging for the four-legged, horse and rider just had to be the first to reach one of the socks tied around the ring.

As this was her first event, we only participated in part of the Fun Day. But I stayed and watched the others. Entries in the costume class are shown below. At promised, it was a fun, light-hearted day.


Geneva and Willa clown around.


Bucky and Kathy get ready to hula.


Eddie, in cap, sunglasses and bow tie, with Jean.

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