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Reid Acres, Mountain

Reid Acres Percherons, Mountain, ON

The Richmond Fair, which took place this weekend past, is my favorite. That’s partly because there is such a great Heavy Horse show. There’s nothing like seeing all these gorgeous, huge horses, all together, and no better display than the six-horse hitch class. This year, there were 9 entries, bringing together 54 horses in the show ring. What a spectacle!

Here is a selection of photographs of the competitors. I thought that every team should be awarded first prize! Every entry represents a huge investment of hours of work, dedication, knowledge and skill, a love and passion for horses, and of course, money. The judge had the unenviable job of having to choose just one entry to pin the red ribbon on. She chose the Maple Creek Belgians, of Stittsville, Ontario. Thank you to all the competitors for a fine show.

Reid Acres

Reid Acres Percherons

Trout Brook Belgians, Potsdam

Trout Brook Belgians, Potsdam, NY.

Trout Brook2

Trout Brook Belgians

Stead Family

Steadholm Farm, Lanark, ON

Kelly Farm

Kelly Farm, Brockville, ON

Kelly Farm

Kelly Farm

Maple Creek Belgians

Maple Creek Belgians, Stittsville, ON

Allumettes Clydes

Allumettes Clydesdales, Allard Family, Chapeau, PQ

Allan Foster Family North Gower

Allan Foster & Family, North Gower, ON

Bourbonnais Family

Bourbonnais Family, Metcalfe, ON


Bourbonnais Percherons

Karvelton Clydesdales

Karvelton Clydesdales, Richmond, ON

Karlvelton Clydes

Karvelton Clydesdales, Richmond, ON

And the winners…

Maple Creek Belgians

Maple Creek Belgians, Stittsville, ON

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