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There are moose (Alces alces) in the area where Ponygirl lives, an hour plus north and east of here. It is more hilly, less agricultural there, and the Larose Forest stretches for miles. Around here, though, large, flat fields of corn and soybeans are the norm, with intermittent forest cover punctuating the landscape. I hadn’t considered moose a possibility. Where would they hide out? But I was wrong. When we visited a local tree farm to get our Christmas tree recently, I noticed the moose crossing sign, shown above. Really?

When I visited weather.ca a while ago, I was amazed to see a photograph, posted by Linda McCoy, of a moose strolling along a street in Cardinal! Cardinal is a small town pressed up against the St. Lawrence river, about 10 kilometers south of here. How had the moose arrived there? Where was it going? The spot where it was photographed is a spit of land right by the river and the moose is crossing the overpass on its way inland. The photograph was taken back in October.

Hinterland Who’s Who fact sheet says “Before settlement, the large supplies of woody twigs needed by moose were provided by young forest regrowth in the wake of forest fires. Now that wildfire has been largely controlled, the moose’s source of food is often areas that are growing again after clear-cut logging.” Perhaps the regeneration of forest on poor quality agricultural land since World War II has allowed the moose to expand its range back into areas previous cleared for settlement.

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