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When I was grocery shopping recently, this sign outside the Iroquois Foodland caught my eye. It is encouraging to see grocery stores promoting bring-your-own bags. When Loblaws first came out with bins a few years ago, I bought a few and found them quite handy. The trick is to remember to take them into the store with you. I’ve made many trips back to my car to get the bags or bins I forgot there.

It’s amazing how ingrained the use of plastic bags has become. Yet plastic bags are such an easy item to do without. When I first started using bins, I would occasionally take them into Walmart or other stores if I was planning on picking up items such as cans of cat food, for which bins are convenient. Cashiers really had trouble with this concept. Many wanted to put items into plastic bags and then put the plastic bags into the bin! You don’t want bags? Are you sure? With many stores promoting reusable bags, I don’t hear that any more.


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This e-flyer from President’s Choice arrived in my inbox a week or two ago. I was impressed. After reading The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat , by Charles Clover, and Song For The Blue Ocean by Carl Safina, I pretty much swore off seafood of any kind. If things are bad here on dry land, the state of the oceans is a disaster. I miss the odd can of tuna or shrimp ring, but I can live very nicely without seafood. If you HAVE to have fish, however, looking for Marine Stewardship Council-approved sources is a step in the right direction. Kudos to Loblaws for promoting MSC. They even show a link to the MSC website, www.msc.org. I don’t have the book at hand, but I seem to recall Safina mentions that MacDonald’s fish fillet is sourced from approved fish.

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