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The End of the Alphabet by CS Richardson. Doubleday Canada, 2007.

Ambrose Zephyr lives a quiet, contented life with his wife Zappora Ashkenazi. On or about his fiftieth birthday, Ambrose receives startling news when he visits his doctor for his annual medical exam. He has but a month left to live. Faced with this unnamed illness of inexplicable origin, Ambrose sets out to fill his remaining days as fruitfully as he possibly can. He decides to travel through the alphabet, as it were, fulfilling a childhood interest in distant destinations. With Zappora, or Zipper, by his side, he packs up precipitously and sets out to visit one alphabetically-ordered location each day. They begin with Amsterdam, where Ambrose visits the Rijksmuseum to see Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.

The story of Ambrose and Zippers’ life together is interwoven with the tale of their travels to the end of the alphabet, and to the end of their shared days: how they met, their marriage in London’s Kensington Gardens near the statue of Peter Pan, their friends, their favorite moments. This little book, with its imaginative premise, is easily read in a couple of sittings, and offers a touching, gentle love story.


Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens credit Wikipedia.

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