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My Mousie


We purchased Mousie from a young woman in the Arthur area about 10 years ago. She was 5 years old at the time. As is the case with many white horses, she was a darker colour when she was young, a pretty dappled grey. Her father was pure white, and over the years Mousie gradually turned white too. Actually, her colour is called flea-bitten, meaning she has freckles of brown dispersed through her coat. Mousie was supposed to be Ponygirl’s horse, but somehow their personalities just didn’t click. I however, fell in love with this sweet little mare. She’s my favorite horse ever.


Mousie is a purebred arabian. Her registered name is SN Mazourka. It’s funny that her farm initials are SN. They stand for Sara Noel, the name of her previous owner, but my initials are SN too. It’s like we were meant for each other. You can see her pedigree here

Her most illustrious ancestor is her great-grandsire, Morafic. Morafic was imported from Egypt to Gleannloch Farm in Texas and went on to become one of the top Egyptian-bred sires ever. There is a statue commemorating Morafic where he once lived. Sadly, Gleannloch Farm is now…you guessed it…a housing development.



Mousie’s not very big, probably just over 14 hands (a hand is 4 inches and horses are measured at their withers, the highest point of the back). What she lacks in size, she makes up for in intelligence and spirit. Although easy-going most of the time, there is nothing she loves more than a game of tag. You’re IT and she is happy to gallop around and around you, snorting, nose in the air, tail held high.

Arriving at Willow House, Nov 2008

Arriving at Willow House, Nov 2008

She feels the cold, and the sub-30 degree days we had this winter really chilled her. She wore two winter blankets for quite a few weeks. However, with March approaching, the end of winter is just around the corner and we’re both looking forward to spring. We have new territory to explore and hopefully we’ll be out riding again soon. Here we are with Ponygirl and her horse, Diva, last year.

Mousie and Diva

Mousie and Diva

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