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One Thousand


I posted my very first entry on my newly created blog, Willow House Chronicles, on February 4, 2009. When I started the blog, the goal I set for myself was to post one entry a day for an entire year. I had no shortage of subject matter at hand. As we had recently moved from the Toronto area to a home in Eastern Ontario, there were plenty of new sights waiting to be explored. I easily met my first target of 365 posts and continued to make regular entries thereafter.

Today’s entry marks a significant milestone, my one-thousandth post. In recent times, I haven’t posted so regularly as in that first year. Still, one thousand posts. That’s a lot of writing.

The Chronicles form an interesting record of our early years in our new location. It’s fun to look back over old posts and consider what has changed and what has remained the same. The house itself has changed quite a bit in its outward appearance, with a new roof and a new colour scheme. The overgrown gardens have largely been reclaimed and have even been expanded.

I’ve enjoyed meeting other bloggers and visitors who have dropped by and left comments, always appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make the writing of Willow House Chronicles a rewarding experience.


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