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As I was laying in bed, early in the morning, I could see the sunny day at its dawn, hear the birds singing their morning chorus and smell…a campfire? The unmistakable, mellow smell of a wood fire was wafting in the window. I figured a neighbour was burning some wood debris and was happy to enjoy the scent, a reminder of happy days spent camping with the kids when they were young, relaxing days in the great outdoors.

I got myself up and dressed and headed outside for my morning routine of looking after the horses, putting seed out for the birds, checking on the garden. It was a beautiful morning, warm, but with a pleasant breeze, a little hazy, maybe. I was reminded of the Ontario song, There’s No Place Like This.

Do you rise in the morning with the sun,
Fill your eyes til the moonlight is done?
Do you hear the sound of your heart sing
As it calls out “This is living!”

There’s no place like this that I’ve been,
There’s no dream like this that I’ve seen,
There’s no home like this that I know,
No other place like this for me.

It was only later that I learned that the lovely wood smoke scent wasn’t local at all. It was coming from many miles away, from forest fires burning in Quebec. The smoke, pushed by the wind, moved through Eastern Ontario and south into New England and New York state, resulting in smog alerts in Ottawa and Montreal. It wasn’t much more than a scent in the air here, but over at The Marvelous in Nature, Seabrooke captured some photographs of the smoke over the Ottawa River.

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