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Last week, I undertook a road trip to points west of here. While travelling the back roads on my way up to Peterborough, I spotted a herd of…big, mud-coloured cows? Water buffalo! This was a first. I can’t recall ever having seen water buffalo hanging around the pastures of Ontario before. I stopped and took a few pictures.

This pair seemed to be enjoying a good soak. The appearance of the others suggested they regularly partook of this pleasure too.


When I got home, I turned to Google, and soon learned that I had stumbled upon the Ontario Water Buffalo Co.. Located north of Stirling, Ontario, the farm keeps a herd of water buffalo for milk production. Their website offers this information:

The water buffalo is an incredible species and is the primary source of dairy in many countries. In Italy there are more water buffalo milked than holsteins in Ontario. There are about 170 million water buffalo worldwide with two types; swamp and river. Swamp are primarily used for meat and draught while river is best for milking. As calves they range from 80-100 pounds while the adults reach up to weights of 2600 pounds.

I never knew. Now I do.


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