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On a recent walk through the woods these two fungi were spotted. Pictured above is Polyporus badius, or Bay-Brown Polypore. It is a common bracket fungus, found on dead hardwood logs or stumps. Bracket fungi are generally rather tough or leathery in texture, and more long-lasting than most fungi. They play an important role in processing woody debris. In bracket fungi, the spores are produced inside tubes on the underside of the fungus. The tubes open by pores, and fungi in this group are sometimes called polypores. In the photo below, the short stalk and the pored underside can be observed.


Pictured below is Phyllotopsis nidulans. In contrast to the Bay-Brown Polypore, it is a gilled fungus. This fungus has no stalk and often grows in a shelfing manner on decaying logs.


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