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The summer garden is at its most magnificent. In spite of the gruelling heat and lack of rain, flowers are everywhere. Whenever I walk through the garden, I am reminded of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s line: Earth laughs in flowers. Emerson’s Earth laughs that we mere mortals should think that we can possess the land, the soil, which will carry on long after we are gone to the grave. We are not landowners at all, but merely temporary stewards. Take good care.

Country Melody


Smuggler's Dream with Tangerine Dream

Chesapeake Crablegs



Minott, Lee, Willard, Hosmer, Meriam, Flint,
Possessed the land which rendered to their toil
Hay, corn, roots, hemp, flax, apples, wool, and wood.
Each of these landlords walked amidst his farm,
Saying, ” ‘Tis mine, my children’s, and my name’s:
How sweet the west wind sounds in my own trees!
How graceful climb those shadows’ on my hill!
I fancy these pure waters and the flags
Know me, as does my dog: we sympathize;
And, I affirm, my actions smack of the soil.”
Where are these men? Asleep beneath their grounds;
And strangers, fond as they, their furrows plough.

Earth laughs in flowers, to see her boastful boys
Earth-proud, proud of the earth which is not theirs;
Who steer the plough, but cannot steer their feet
Clear of the grave.

by Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882)

Elegant Candy

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