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Back in the summer, I visited Gracie the Elephant at Homestead Gallery, near Kemptville. This encounter is recorded in Meeting Gracie. At the end of September, Gracie moved to Merrickville and was joined by a second creation by artist Robert Turnbull. Gracie and her giraffe buddy spent the fall outside the Judith Moore Gallery. I wrote about them in Visiting Gracie and Friend.

In November, Robert was featured on a segment of CTV TV’s program, Regional Contact. The enjoyable show gives viewers a chance to see Robert at work on his sculptures and learn a bit about his background and inspiration. In addition to his giant animals, some of Robert’s other work is highlighted. You can watch the podcast of the segment online at CTV Ottawa – Regional Contact. Just click on the video link for the November 7th broadcast. You’ll also get a preview of Robert’s next project: a hippo!


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