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Back in the summer, I visited Gracie the Elephant at Homestead Gallery, near Kemptville. This encounter is recorded in Meeting Gracie. At the end of September, Gracie moved to Merrickville and was joined by a second creation by artist Robert Turnbull. Gracie and her giraffe buddy spent the fall outside the Judith Moore Gallery. I wrote about them in Visiting Gracie and Friend.

In November, Robert was featured on a segment of CTV TV’s program, Regional Contact. The enjoyable show gives viewers a chance to see Robert at work on his sculptures and learn a bit about his background and inspiration. In addition to his giant animals, some of Robert’s other work is highlighted. You can watch the podcast of the segment online at CTV Ottawa – Regional Contact. Just click on the video link for the November 7th broadcast. You’ll also get a preview of Robert’s next project: a hippo!


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Update: To view an interview with artist Robert Turnbull, visit How to Make an Elephant.

Back in July, I visited Gracie the elephant at Homestead Gallery. The creation of Spencerville sculptor Rob Turnbull, the near-life sized Gracie is constructed of paper pulp, burlap, mixed media, concrete and plaster. She has now moved to Merrickville, where she was invited to participate in the Merrickville Fall art show and Artists’ Studio Tour. Gracie is standing outside the Judith Moore Gallery on St. Lawrence Street.


Gracie is no longer alone. She has been joined by a very tall giraffe. At 19 feet, the giraffe has no trouble looking in second-story windows.


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the weekend studio tour, and when I dropped by the Judith Moore Gallery on Friday, it was closed. Consequently, I can’t pass on Giraffe’s name.


The giraffe is certainly impressive. Above, you can see the photographer reflected in the Gallery window between her long legs.
It’s hard to look natural when you’re a wild African animal standing on a sidewalk in Merrickville though. I think Gracie looked a little more at home at the Homestead Gallery. If you think Gracie or her friend would look perfect on your lawn, they’re available for purchase. Contact Judith Moore or Homestead Galleries or artist Robert Turnbull of Internal Combustion Studio.


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On the road to Kemptville, I was amazed to see a near-life size elephant standing outside an art studio a few weeks ago. I have driven by a few times since, and finally stopped in this weekend. Dave Leonard, owner of Homestead Gallery and an artist himself, introduced me to Gracie. She was even more impressive close-up, with a size and bulk that brought the experience of standing by a real live elephant thrillingly to mind. Gracie is the creation of Spencerville sculptor Rob Turnbull, who works with paper pulp, burlap, mixed media, concrete and plaster.

Homestead Gallery features the work of a number of local artists. The walls of the gallery display an interesting collection of paintings that cover a range of subjects from sailboats and cattle to still lifes and landscapes. Sculptures are displayed along with an array of artisan creations from pottery to jewelry to handbags. You can learn more about the artists and see a selection of works at the Homestead website.

Dave Leonard kindly took a photograph of Gracie and me. As an art object, I felt constrained from touching Gracie, but my hand kept drifting out, wanting to stroke her fine trunk.


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