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This weekend, we had a visit from a Royal. Well, not a Royal so much as a Royal-Lookalike, a sable corgi who looks very much like the pups favoured by Queen Elizabeth. She arrived with grandog Remy and Ponygirl, with whom she is currently residing on a trial basis for a week. Remy is a corgi too, of course, but his coat is the less familiar dark variation.


Her name is Pookie, but really, Princess would be more in keeping with her dignified demeanour. For the past four years, Pookie has lived a restful urban life. Unfortunately, it has been a bit toooo restful, downright sedentary in fact, and her figure has suffered as a result. Her owners have been unable to offer her sufficient exercise and are hoping to find a place for her where she can participate in a more active lifestyle. Meanwhile, Ponygirl has been worried that Remy is lonely when left alone during working hours and is hoping to find a good companion for him.


Pookie has displayed a very even-tempered nature and has adjusted well to this sudden change in her fortunes. She seemed to enjoy the opportunity to gambol in the country air, although keeping up with the very fit Remy was a challenge that quickly left her panting for breath.


Nor did she know quite what to make of Remy’s passion for swimming. She politely dipped her toes in the pond, but was just not interested in the Full Dip, and meandered up and down the shore as Remy retrieved sticks.


Those giant four-legged beasties came as quite a surprise too, but she bravely followed Remy along the fence to get a closer look. It remains to be seen whether she will become a full-fledged member of the menagerie, but at the very least she will have enjoyed an interesting and eye-opening fitness vacation with her country cousin.


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