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Happy Horse Hat

It was my birthday on the weekend. That makes me a Sagittarius, an archer whose aim is heavenly bent, will not stoop to low or evil intent. Sagittarius the centaur.

It’s funny, the staying power astrology has had. Googling your sign will turn up countless hits. Many of these offer advice for the lovelorn based on the compatibility of your signs. If only life were that simple! I like being a Sagittarius though. We’re often described as lovers of animals. “You treat your pets as individuals in their own right. An independent cat that has plenty of character will suit you. But you really come into your own with horses. These are your native animal being the symbol, or at least half the symbol, of your zodiac sign. Many Sagittarians are keen riders.”

The best gift is always spending time with loved ones, and I had a very nice birthday with the family. However, Birdgirl surprised me with a handmade gift, a hat and matching mittens, a soft, brown hat to warm any (slightly eccentric) horselover’s heart and head, complete with a woolly horse mane and 2 perky ears! Perfect.

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