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Once again, the gardening season is at hand. I like to get things rolling by attending a local Seedy Saturday event. Last weekend, I made the drive up to Ottawa to join other gardeners in the joy of anticipating our return to the soil. A number of venders of heirloom and organic seeds and supplies come together to offer attendees, pictured above, a cornucopia of seeds. It would be possible to order the seeds by mail, but the buzz of excitement makes attending Seedy Saturday much more fun.

I mostly go to get a selection of tomato seeds. Last year I didn’t bother, and missed trying new varieties. This year, I purchased eight varieties from Terra Edibles and Gerta’s Organic Gardens:

Black and Brown Boar
Berkeley Tie Dye
Dancing with Smurfs
Pink Boar
Allegheny Sunset

Seedy Saturdays are a project of Seeds of Diversity, an organization dedicated to encouraging the preservation and cultivation of heirloom and endangered varieties of food crops. You can locate a Seedy Saturday near you by visiting their website.

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Seedy Saturdays are seed-exchange and gardening events that pop up all across Canada in early spring. Maybe there is a Seedy Saturday near you! For a listing of events and more information visit Seeds of Diversity, linked here.

I didn’t really need any seeds. I placed a catalogue order that covers most of my needs. However, the weather was inviting for a drive, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see a wonderful phenomenon: hordes of excited gardeners coming together to talk and buy seeds and get ready for another year in the garden. Finding a parking spot was tough. At some displays, you had to wait your turn to belly up to the seed packets and seek out your favorites. Besides seeds, there were also vendors selling organic products and garden supplies.


Of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance to pick up a few packets of seeds myself. I get a kick out of growing an assortment of tomatoes and I got three to try this year. Captain Lucky, the packet says, is an indeterminate, potato-leaf, mid/late season tomato with green/yellow/pink medium to large fruit. Cool! Nebraska Wedding is a yellow/orange tomato that I have tried in the past and liked. Information online reports that: Nebraskan brides were given seeds of this tomato as a wedding gift. It was said to have been brought from MN by pioneers in the late 1800s via covered wagons. And it thrived in cold, windy Nebraska.” And finally, Ozark Sunrise, which is described as a beautiful anti-oxidant-loaded purple beauty.

I also got some Lemon cucumber seeds to try. They were recommended by Alain at Roche Fleurie Garden. You can check up on Lemon cucumbers here. All in all, it was a fun outing.


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