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This week, we had Ponygirl’s pup, Remington, stay for an overnight visit while his owner was out of town. The cats take a very dim view of any canine presence in the house and disappear at the first sign of a doggy intruder. Mostly, they hang out in some deep, dark corner of the basement until the house is again dog-free. That is, with the exception of Buddy, who is bold as brass. Very little puts him off. He arrived from we know not where one day and decided to stay. His period of roughing it on his own has left him confident of his ability to handle all comers, even dogs. Indeed, he will even play with the foreigners, so long as they know their place and keep to it.

Remy is about 6 months old and very well behaved. He followed me around on my rounds, and watched while I did some gardening. He tried to be helpful, digging a hole or two, and ripping a plastic pot to shreds, but was discouraged in his efforts by the gardener! He approved of the birdbath that I set out in a patch of hostas. It’s just his height, perfect for someone a foot tall! In fact, I purchased it originally so that raccoons could get a drink in the summer without knocking my taller birdbath over and it has worked well for that purpose.

After Remy left with Ponygirl, and quiet overtook the house, the cats slowly began to reappear and take up their usual places, relieved that life had returned to normal.


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