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On Sunday, I drove north to visit Ponygirl. Although her home is only half an hour distant from here, I got my first glimpse of real snow for this winter. While we had rain, just those few miles north, they got snow. There was an inch and a half deep blanket covering the ground and roof tops. The tree branches were outlined in white and any remaining leaves had gathered big white puffballs of snow that looked like Christmas decorations.

Most of the trees have dropped their leaves. The last show of colour around the house is courtesy of the young oak trees, which are still holding on to their rusty display. The oak leaves inspired me to get out the cookie cutters I purchased during our September vacation in Pennsylvania and make sugar cookies.

Today’s entry brings the post count at Willow House Chronicles to 637. With the changing of the seasons, I feel it is time for a little change too, and am going to take a few weeks holiday from posting. Thank you to all my readers and blog friends who make sharing a blog so satisfying. Be back soon!


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